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Client: New Hope, PA

Mairi Schuler worked with us in 2017 -18 when we bought a historic old stone house in New Hope, PA. The house was built in 1772 and included a stone bank barn desperately in need of an imaginative and enthusiastic architect who enjoyed a challenge. The property needed a number of renovations but Mairi was undaunted and willing to take it on. We hired her to create an addition to the kitchen with a mud room, pantry, full bath and laundry room attached. With her help we ended up gutting the kitchen entirely and starting from scratch. At the same time we wanted to keep as much of the original features as possible. She was very sensitive to our concerns. Mairi was more than willing to work effectively with the number of contractors and subcontractors and adapt to changes as required. Her experience, attention to detail, sage advice and her desire to create an exceptional living space is evident in every nook and cranny. Mairi’s main strength is that she listens and truly cares about you as well as the project. She has become a friend and a trusted source of information as we navigate our way through the demands of loving a grand old house. We highly recommend Mairi Schuler as a person and architect with enormous talent and integrity.

Client: Ewenited Stitches

I recently opened a store in Montgomery County. During the process I was informed I needed a professional to review the space and advise me on the required ADA compliance.
We had changed the use of the building, but did not make any updates to the inside other than wall finishes. Mairi found a section of the code that helped me meet and exceed compliance with a minor update.
I am beyond grateful for her due diligence and ability to help me and my patrons.

Ryan Houser PE: Fluent Design Group

Ailtire Studio's understanding and adaptability with new and old forms of architectural design has allowed us to seamlessly and authentically blend the 21st and 18th centuries with a single project. Ailtire Studio has proven to be a valuable partner in the design team, I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

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